Top 5 New Zealand Ice Cream Brands

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for New Zealand-made ice cream

It’s not just a favourite with kids anymore; ice cream is fast becoming a favourite with adults too – and New Zealand-made ice cream is no exception.

It makes sense that we’re pros at making the sweet cool stuff since our summers are scorchers and most people live near the beach. It also makes sense that we pride ourselves on creating natural and pure products since New Zealand is renowned worldwide for our clean and greenness. And it also ALSO makes sense that since we’re one of the most innovative nations in the world, our flavours don’t just stop at boring old vanilla.

In case you need an introduction to some of the most delicious ice cream in the world, we’ve put together the top five New Zealand ice cream brands worth hunting down next time you visit us (or your local supermarket).

1. New Zealand Natural

New Zealand Natural

While it has become a bit of a household brand all over the world, New Zealand Natural comes from humble beginnings. What began as a small ice creamery in Christchurch now sells premium ice cream, sorbet and frozen yoghurt in 22 countries globally, including Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, China and Ireland. Every batch of New Zealand Natural ice cream is proudly Auckland-made from the freshest and purest cream and ingredients in the country, then exported all around the world. And without fail they take out awards at the annual New Zealand Ice Cream Awards, in 2014 taking out the Supreme Award for a Large Manufacturer for their English Toffee ice cream. With classic kiwi flavours like hokey pokey and chocolate, right through to more decadent recipes like banana, macadamia and green tea, New Zealand Natural never fails to satisfy.

2. Rush Munro’s

Rush Munro's

One of New Zealand’s oldest ice cream brands and still privately-owned and -operated, Rush Munro’s was launched way back in 1926 in the sunny Hawkes Bay by a lovely chap by the same name (Frederick Charles Rush Munro, to be exact). Their premium ice cream is 100% natural, hand-crafted and batch-churned with the best local ingredients when they’re available and always using real fruit, no fake colours, flavours or preservatives. Everyone’s favourite flavours like double chocolate, boysenberry and cookies and cream top their iconic flavours list, plus you’ll spy some uniquely Kiwi recipes like feijoa, passionfruit and manuka honey on there too. They’re especially proud of their maple walnut which scooped a gold award at the New Zealand Ice Cream Awards 2014, while Rush Munro’s took out the Supreme Award for Boutique Manufacturer 2014.

3. Deep South

Deep South

Their tubs might be covered with beautiful landscapes New Zealand is most famous for, but inside is something far more delicious. Based in the foothills of the Southern Alps in New Zealand’s South Island, Deep South ice cream embodies the spirit of the South – no airs or graces, just good old-fashioned pure ingredients brought together to make delicious rich and creamy ice cream. Kiwi-owned and -operated, Deep South now produces more than 30 flavours like cookies and cream, chocolate eclair and hokey pokey, right through to liquorice, peaches and cream, and Irish crème.

4. Kohu Road

Kohu Road

Kohu Road might be a small independent ice cream brand, but they’re big on flavour and innovation. Auckland-based and full of natural real ingredients, Kohu Road takes lickers back to a time where food was simple and fresh, without any of the fake stuff. In 2007 the small ice creamery was established by Kiwi Greg Hall who’d travelled the world for 15 years absorbing Europe and Asia’s fascination with food. After three years of ice cream recipe development here in New Zealand, Kohu Road now produces a wide range of ice cream flavours including salted caramel, espresso, golden syrup and milk chocolate, plus deliciously sweet and fresh sorbets like passionfruit, mango and blackcurrant. Put simply, Kohu Road loves to “revel in simple pleasures,” and every scoop really is a pleasure.

5. Oob Organic

Oob Organic

Oob Organic is an organic blueberry and strawberry orchard that also produces fresh ice creams and ice blocks. When it comes to their food, owners Robert and Shannon Auton prioritise quality, taste and health over everything else. They believe that buying organic is one step closer to a healthier – and more delicious – way of life that’s chemical-free. Delectable flavours include mocha, orange chocolate chip, peppermint chip and of course blueberry, and most flavours are gluten-free and egg-free, while others are even lactose-free.

Bonus Ice Cream Worth a Mention

Takapuna Beach Cafe

Takapuna Beach Cafe

It would be criminal to leave out this up-and-coming ice cream pro: Hip Group which owns a bunch of hip cafes all over Auckland also make their own lip-smackingly good gelato. At the New Zealand Ice Cream Awards 2014 their Takapuna Beach Café took out a collection of awards for their gelatos in innovative recipes like coconut and lime curd, salted caramel, and yoghurt and passionfruit. All gelatos come out of their custom Auckland factory, and they pride themselves on connecting directly with the farms who provide the milk and the orchards who provide the fruit in order to produce the best seasonal flavours imaginable.

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