Antipodes Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum Review

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Antipodes Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum Review
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January 18, 2016, 5:56 am
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Antioxidants keep you looking young

The evidence is strong – antioxidants work when it comes to keeping the skin youthful. Free radicals present in our environment attack the skin cells and break them down causing the hidden and visible signs of ageing such as wrinkles, discolouration and sagging.  When antioxidants step in they combat and neutralise these damaging elements to protect the skins surface by reducing oxidative stress. They are also a powerful force when combined with sunscreen, working to enhance the protective shield against the damage caused by the sun’s rays.

Which antioxidants do we need?

When it comes to antioxidants the best approach is the same approach recommended for a healthy diet – good quality, variety and balance. The skin thrives best on a variety of antioxidants, a potent cocktail of defence and repair and also those that are powerful and effective.  Vitamin A and Vitamin C are the best antioxidants compounds around and form the basis of good antioxidant skin care.  New powerful antioxidant are also finding their way into beauty products that are derived from botanical ingredients. Antipodes by Nature is a New Zealand skincare company that uses natural ingredients that are validated by science to ensure they deliver pure, honest skincare. Recently they have launched a range that contains the antioxidant extract Vinanza Oxifend Plus® – a superfruit complex from New Zealand grown boysenberries, blackcurrants and kiwifruit, along with Vinanza Grape® from grape seeds. We take a closer look below.

When to use antioxidants in skincare

When it comes to topical skincare the antioxidants are absorbed into the top layer of the skin where they work by neutralising free radicals. So the answer to the question when to use antioxidants is easy, day and night. The powerful protection that antioxidants deliver when combined with sunscreen make them essential for day time skincare.  Then their restorative benefits make them an essential part of your night time skincare ritual also.


On our search for a good antioxidant formulation we came across Antipodes Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum.  This product caught our eye as it contains antioxidant derived from New Zealand grown, raw bontanical extracts that to make a superfruit complex named Vinanza Oxifend Plus®. This includes boysenberry, blackcurrant, kiwifruit, and Vinanza Grape® from grape seeds, as well as coffee berry and açaí. Elizabeth Barbalich , CEO and founder of Antipodes®, even says “this is your daily shot of youth.”


The packaging is not only stylish but it is also effective. The product comes in a brown glass bottle that keep the ingredients airtight and sunblocked. This ensures the antioxidants are preserved and remain active during the shelf life of the product.  The carton is also made from biodegradable card that can be recycled and is printed with vegetable ink inline with Antipodes respect for nature.

The ingredients list is impressive with 100% natural ingredients and 95% organic ingredients.   Along with a cocktail of powerful antixoidants we were also pleased to see Vitamin E.

The product is extracted from the bottle with a hygienic dipper, you almost feel like you need to measure out a dose. The formulation is a thin, brown liquid that looks almost like something you could make at home with a juicer. It is quick to absorb and being water based it leaves the goodness of the product on the skin whilst the carrier evaporates.  We assume the water base is pure New Zealand water although this is not mentioned. You will definitely need a moisturiser on top as this serum delivers on a single minded benefit – antioxidant protection and repair.

The smell is delicate and very natural –green with fruity notes. It is a totally pleasant experience. We love the raw approach when it comes to the ingredients.  The antioxidants in Worship are extracted from the raw superfruits using a extraction process that keeps the ingredients in their purest, truest form.


The philosophy of Antiopodes is to leverage the power of nature and back it up by science. We were pleased to see that this product has been scientifically tested. In vitro laboratory tests have shown the serum inhibits oxidative stress by up to 90%.  Remember oxidative stress on the skin can be seen in the form of discolouration, sagging, wrinkles and other early signs of ageing.  I am in my mid 30’s and have been using the product for a couple of days now.  My skin is looking more energised but for me this is an essential maintenance product, a line of defense for the skin that my skin strong, resistant and looking my best.


Antipodes is a New Zealand brand but you can also buy it in South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Slovenia and Australia as well as on their website. The RRP is $54.50 NZD for 30ml which we think is reasonable for the efficacy of the product and the pure New Zealand experience.

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    Hi . I like the country Newzeland is gourges I would like to know more . All ways i told my self I have to visit.i like it .nice people. I like to communication with right person.

    1. Emma Reply

      Thanks, feel free to join our Facebook page to find out more about New Zealand

  2. Driss Reply

    Can you help me make order . I want to place orders Pure Manuka honey & royal jilly organic hundreds percent pure . Please

    1. Emma Reply

      We do not sell honey products on our site yet but may do in the future, please check back.

    2. Emma Reply

      We do not sell honey products on our site yet but may do in the future, please check back.

  3. Antipodes Nature Reply

    Thank you for sharing the love of our new Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum, which has been three years in the making. We have been extremely excited about the results and appreciate your feedback. #lovethearoha

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