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Royal Jelly Tablet Review
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September 2, 2015, 10:31 am
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Clear Fresh Skin – Check

If I’m being totally honest, I’d never even heard of royal jelly before I tried Happy Valley’s Royal Jelly Chewable Tablets. I knew bees were pretty awesome, but I thought their awesomeness stopped at Manuka honey and bee venom. It turns out I was wrong.

I’m normally a bit of a cynic when it comes to au natural products, but when I researched a bit more about royal jelly before popping these tablets into my mouth, I discovered the first claim that I wanted to test: my skin could become clearer, smoother and fresher.

Since going off the pill about six months ago my skin has been very up and down. Not only have I never had good skin, I’ve also never had great results from natural products. They just don’t usually give me the same results as more chemical-driven products, although I wish they did because the chemicals can’t be good for my skin. Because I’d never tried royal jelly, I was eager to see if this chemical-free product could perform magic on my dodgy skin.

My nails have also recently been through the wringer. After always having good strong nails that grew like grass, I started noticing more frequent cracking and breaking after a couple of months of wearing Shellac on them. While Shellac gave me great long-lasting colour, it also ruined my nails during the removal process. Suddenly my long healthy talons were cracked peeling stumps.

Royal jelly also claims to provide a number of health benefits too. I’ve always suffered from low energy. If there was such thing as a Graduate Diploma in Sleeping, I would ace it. My digestive system has always been a bit up and down too, so anything that promise to soothe my stomach has got to be good. I also have a relatively new job which can be quite stressful, so a natural product to help me deal with stress effectively was appealing.

The only health benefit that didn’t totally appeal to me was an increase in fertility because I’m quite happy for the number of my children to remain at zero for the moment.

First impressions

The fact that they’re chewable is a big plus for me. I’ve never been good at swallowing pills whole (as a child my mother used to crush pills into powder and serve it up in jam) so the ability to chew the tablets down makes me feel like it’s less medication and more candy. They also taste delicious; I was expecting a honey-ey taste but the yummy vanilla addition was a welcome surprise. One of our other writers at Natural South also decided to make a visit to the Happy Valley Honey Bar in Auckland to find out more and was thrilled to find out that their tablets are made with New Zealand Royal Jelly. They are the only producers of authentic, New Zealand Royal Jelly so if you are looking for the real deal then this is it. Happy Valley also provide Royal Jelly to a second company in New Zealand to include in their supplements but other than that this is all that is available out there with genuine NZ origin.

Happy Valley also claim to have the world’s most pure and highest quality Royal Jelly. This is measured via 10HDA (10-Hydroxy-2-decenoic acid) levels which is the naturally occurring hydroxy fatty acids only found in Royal Jelly. Happy Valley Royal Jelly is unsurpassed worldwide at 3.1%. Each 1000mg tablet contains 132mg of absorbed NZ Royal Jelly and 50mg of NZ Colostrum.

Skin, Nail and Health benefits

I started taking these tablets feeling pretty cynical about any possible skin benefits, simply because natural products just don’t usually do it for me. I’m happy to say that I can eat my own words. My spots have cleared up significantly, especially across my cheeks and forehead, and the appearance of my skin seems smoother and tighter. I’ve even noticed an improvement in hormonal acne along my jawline.

My nails have stopped peeling, cracking and breaking; in fact, I’ve had to trim them twice in the last two weeks.

While I’m still the best at sleeping, I definitely feel full of energy throughout the day. Before I often felt quite lethargic and sleepy in the afternoon; now I don’t really notice a difference at all during the day. I now get to the end of the day and feel like I really deserve a good night’s sleep because I’ve made the most of my increased energy during daylight hours.


The tablets are reasonably priced at $35 NZD for 60 tablets. This would give you a months supply and well worth the investment in my opinion.

Overall recommendation

If you’re looking for a healthy product to clear your skin, strengthen your nails and give you energy, I recommend using Happy Valley’s Royal Jelly Chewable Tablets along with healthy eating, lots of water consumption and regular exercise. Happy Valley is also the only company in New Zealand to produce their own Royal Jelly and they also have the highest quality and purest Royal Jelly that can be found in the world. So you can be sure that you are getting the best. Read our review on Happy Valley Royal Skin Rich Nourishing Hand Cream if you could like to know more about the Royal Jelly range on offer from Happy Valley.

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