How to choose a good organic skincare product

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It’s all in the skincare formulation

Luxury skincare products are expensive and a costly mistake can leave us feeling cheated and disappointed. We are used to hearing about products that promise the earth but find out when we get them home all they deliver are the basic benefits that could be found in a standard supermarket product. When we pay the luxury price point we want a product that works, works quickly work and doesn’t lead to the dreaded break out.

So what can we do to make sure we chose a product that delivers what we are looking for and is helpful to our skin? It all starts with research. Knowing what is in your product is the best way to making a good decision. We have outlined some pointers below of things that we consider important when selecting a good skincare product. We favour organic products although these are not often the best so this list can be applied to all cosmetics. As skin types vary so much there is always an element of trial and error involved but at least you will know you have selected the best you can based on the formulation.

Right ingredients

Topical skincare products have their limits so when a product starts claiming benefits that could only be sought through a clinical procedure warning bells should ring loud and clear. Download the ingredients list from the web and then do your research around the active ingredients and ensure the claims associated with them are realistic. There are a lot of websites out there who have already done the analysis for you such as

Non complicated

Unnecessarily complicated products with a long ingredients list should be avoided. Seek out products that target your main skin concern and ensure the active ingredient that delivers the benefit is included and at a good enough level. Products need to contain what they should to meet the product claims but not be overloaded with extras that will only be able to deliver minimal benefits or none at all. Make sure your products are easy to understand with no over the top marketing claiming nonsense ingredients.

Non irritating

The key to well-functioning healthy skin is to be gentle.  Avoid products loaded with cheap, irritating ingredients such as alcohol and menthol and choose fragrance free products. Avoid scrubs that are overly abrasive and water that is either too hot or too cold. Be kind to your skin and it will glow. If you find a product irritates the skin don’t use it again.

Correct packaging

Despite looking fabulous in our bathroom or makeup bag the most important aspect of packaging is that it is good enough to preserve any ingredients that are degraded by light or oxygen. This means the packaging on offer needs to be airtight and light blocked to maintain the integrity of the ingredients.

Rich in antioxidants

The negative effects of ageing is a concern that is on the mind of most of us. It’s the free radicals in our environment that are the biggest contributor to cell breakdown and ageing.  Antioxidants, such as vitamin E, are our friends and neutralise these bad free radicals so chose products rich in antioxidants as this is the best way to slow down the ageing process.

Contains a sunscreen

In order for antioxidants to have any benefit to the skin you need abroad spectrum sunscreen during daylight hours. Although exposure to the sun is good for us in limited doses there is also a darker side. Ultraviolet radiation found in the suns days causes DNA damage that leads to photodamage of the skin – the result is skin issues such as sagging and wrinkles. These rays are also the main cause of skin cancer. For the face seek out products that have moisturising properties and contain antioxidants too.

Fairly priced

By doing some research around the ingredients you will begin to understand whether you are paying for an effective formulation or a prestigious brand and packaging. Sometimes the formulations of the cheaper products are just as well thought through as the luxury ones.

New Zealand has some budding entrepreneurial brands that embrace the value of a good formulation. They are looking to create honest products that do what they say – this is the Kiwi way after all. We recommend Sansceuticals and Antipodes as ones to try.

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  1. Maria Reply

    HI there,

    My name is Maria, I am interested to buy bulk quantity of manuka honey to export to the U.S.A
    Criterias of the manuka honey should be “organic, raw and at least MGO10+ and above.
    Which manuka honey you highly recommend. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Emma Reply

      Hi Maria, there are many great Manuka Honey producers in New Zealand. If you are looking to export have you tried Watson and Sons? They are the second largest exporter of Manuka Honey. They own their own hives and product real Manuka Honey. We have also recently reviewed Melita Honey which is another genuine producer that you could look in to. We hope that helps.

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