Top 5 Baby Formula Brands

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A New Zealand farm and baby formula

Choose the Best Baby Formula

Every mother wants the very best for her baby and so when it comes to nutrition there is no bigger decision to be made. If breast feeding is not an option, choosing an infant milk formula is a key decision a parent will make for their child. As our children are bought up in increasingly polluted, urban environments it’s important to consider which products are going to best protect their immunity and provide them with essential vitamins and minerals to ensure strong, healthy growth. And above all providing them with a product that is trusted and safe. We have reviewed the market place to find out what is on offer and have recommended the top products we believe are a cut above. We have also chosen products that are genuinely made in New Zealand from New Zealand milk.

Selection Criteria

Below is the selection criteria we went through when selecting each baby formula product to recommend.


We have only chosen the safest infant formula companies that can prove they have full control of their supply chain from farm to retail shelf, are made in NZ and source all their dairy ingredients from NZ. The type and number of tests done and the company’s overall reputation have also been important considerations.


There is increasing awareness of sugar intake in infants from medial professionals and its effects on early programming and the knock on effects of obesity and diabetes later in life. We have sought products that are as pure and natural as possible. Where possible, we have looked at those with limited or no added sucrose, corn syrup or glucose syrup.


Ease on the tummy is a key factor for babies who have developing digestive systems. Each child is unique and sometimes it involves trial and error before finding the product that suits them best. However, we have assessed the ingredients to the best of our knowledge and made recommendations on those that we believe will be tolerated well for parents concerned about digestion, reflux and allergies.

Growth and development

Infant formulas are a good source of calcium for strong bones and protein for height and growth. The best infant formulas are enhanced with a range of natural nutrients such as DHA for brain development and prebiotics for healthy gut flora and nutrient absorption.

Value for money

The market of infant milk formulas is highly regulated in New Zealand which doesn’t give companies much room to move on their formulations. Therefore, we have assessed the ingredients and nutritional information of products from each end of the spectrum on price to recommend those that deliver true value.

Here are our top 5 infant formulas, New born, Stage 1:

  1. Green Zoo

    Green Zoo Brand
    Green Zoo Brand
  2. First Life Infant Formula

    New Zealand Baby formula
    First Life Brand
  3. Lotcare Gold Infant Formula

    Lotcre brand
    Lotcre brand
  4. Gelven Baby Formula8

    Formul-8 Brand
    Formul-8 Brand
  5. Nuenfant Gold

    Neutrien Brand
    Neutrien Brand

Get the right bottle for the job

Choosing the right formula for your baby is just part of the process. Getting the bottle right is also an important decision for the comfort and health of your child. There are decisions you can make to enhance the feeding experience for your child to make it as soothing and natural as possible whilst also reducing the risk of colic, ear infections and spilling/spit up.

For example, technology is available these days through the bottle venting system which is important in helping to reduce colic etc. The material is an important consideration. Baby bottles have been traditionally made from polycarbonate but glass and polypropylene (PP) are considered much safer and superior. Ensure that the glass is high quality. Natural rubber teats are also a good choice as they are soft and flexible making for a natural feeding experience for your child. 100% natural rubber also wears well after repeated sterilisation.

For other great kiwi made products for babies visit our post here: The Best Baby and Toddler Products from New Zealand

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