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New Zealand is known for it’s lush greenery, stunning vistas, diverse landscape and one of the cleanest environments for producing some of the finest natural health products in the world.  It’s no wonder consumers from around the world seek out this small nations products to help them with anything from energy levels to fighting off the flu.

The expansion of these health products into the global market has seen growth not only in the range and brands on offer but also the ingredients used within them.  This has meant the decision making in terms of the health supplements to buy has become a bit more difficult for the average discerning consumer.  That’s why we are going to help you out and show you what the best range of health goods from New Zealand are.

Making the Decision

Now we didn’t just approach this top 10 list in a hap hazard way, oh no, we have come up with a list of key attributes that each product must have.  If the product had more of these attributes than the other then they were prioritized accordingly.  Normally price would be a factor in this list building exercise but on this occasion we have decided to focus more on the quality of the goods rather than the economic factors.

The attributes we were looking at are as follows:

  • Success or Size of the company
  • User ratings
  • Proven health benefits
  • Sustainability
  • Practicality
  1. UMF Manuka Honey – Comvita – Comvita is one of the oldest honey producing companies in New Zealand as has diversified into a global range of honey related products.  Their UMF range of honey is one of the best in the world, known for it’s anti-bacterial healing abilities and packed full of anti-oxidants.

  2. Green Lipped Mussel – Good Health – Good Health are a well respected company producing a varied range of health supplements within New Zealand.  Their Green Lipped Mussel tablets are rated very highly, especially in the Asia markets where it’s joint health benefits are seen as a way to help people stay mobile.

  3. Colostrum – Deep Blue Health –  Colostrum is a dairy product made from cows and aids in bone development and boosting your immune system.

  4. Bee Propolis – API Health – Bee Propolis has varied health benefits but one of the more famous attributes is the claim that it can improve breathing.  It is believed that this is more relevant for people who suffer from a mild form of asthma and struggle during the winter months.  Whilst smaller than other players like Comvita, API Health still provide a product which consumers rate.

  5. Royal Jelly – Comvita – Royal Jelly is a secretion which is produced when worker bee’s believe they need a new Queen.  They use this natural food source to provide additional nutrients to selected larvae who will hopefully grow and become the Queen bee.  These very nutrients are the main attributes believed to provide the necessary health benefits such as immune health.

  6. Spirulina – Lifefoods –  Whilst Spirulina is not necessarily unique to New Zealand, the natural ingredients used in the process of making the powder are second to none.  This means the quality of Spirulina from New Zealand is of the highest quality, especially the organic powder created by Lifefoods

  7. Omega 3 Fish Oil – Good Health – The island nation of New Zealand is renowned for it’s diverse and bountiful marine life hence why we really can’t go past their Omega 3 fish oil products.  Good health produce their Omega with unfarmed cold water fish.  Great for stimulating brain activity and all round health.

  8. Rosehip Oil – Trilogy – Rosehip is widely renowned for improving the health of your skin and claimed to be an essential to any beauty regime determined to defy the onset of ageing.  Trilogy are one of the top brands in this space and offer a wide range of ethically created products.

  9. Flax Seed Oil – Waihi Bush –  Flax seed oil is a great alternative for vegetarians looking to get the same benefits of fish oil but without the obvious side effects.

  10. Bilberry – NZ Pure Health – Bilberry is the perfect option for improving the health of your eyes.  It has been used in the treatment of ailments such as conjunctivitis, glaucoma, reducing Cataract formation.

To see what the Top 10 natural products coming out of New Zealand, click here.

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