Best Uses for Manuka Honey

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What can Manuka Honey be used for?

There are many health uses and benefits for Manuka Honey outside of that tasty addition to your morning breakfast or slipped into a cup of tea on a cold winter’s day. That’s right it can be used for many ailments not only internally but also externally in the form of specialized medical dressings which has Manuka honey infused. These are currently being developed by and are now in use across selected American hospitals.

Where does the best Manuka Honey come from?

New zealand of course! There is no point looking to go buy any alternative source from any other country other than New Zealand. Yes, Australia do produce a version of this honey but it simply does not come close to the purity or authenticity of the New Zealand product.

So what are the best uses?

Below are what we consider to be the best application for this nectar of the Gods. I you Don’t agree or think there are some other options we should include? Well let us know in the comments field below.

Fighting coughs and colds

You know that feeling you get when your temperature rises ever so slightly and in the back of your throat there is a little tickle that can’t be cleared with any amount water or coughing. Well next time that sore throat starts to happen, begin digesting (warm drinks are the most suitable) Manuka Honey and let it’s antibacterial qualities fight the cold.

Improving your skin

This humble product is something of a multitasker when it comes to the skin. It can be applied directly to help:

  • sooth the effects of eczema
  • reduce the itching and swelling of mosquito bites
  • help heal minor burns to the skin
  • improve the healing process of cuts

When it comes to acne it can also provide cleansing qualities. This help’s to reduce the redness and swelling that comes with acne but without removing the skins natural protection layer of oils. There are specialty products in the market that combine these healing/calming qualities with other specific skin requirements associated with this. Apicare have a range of products which could be suitable for a range of skin types..

Helping Digestion

There are many things that can have an adverse effect on you digestive health such as high levels of stress or a bad diet. To start nipping these effects like reflux, IBS (Irritable Bowell Syndrome), bloating or even stomach ulcers in the bud then start to include Manuka honey in your diet where appropriate. The best time to do include this in your diet would be with breakfast or lunch either in a warm drink, toast or even in natural, unsweetened yogurt (to help get a double whammy of healthy bacteria).

Three Interesting facts

  • Maori had known about the healing powers long before Europeans arrived.
  • UMF or Unique Manuka Factor rating is used to indicate the antibacterial strength
  • Some people even use Manuka Honey to help eliviate split ends or frizzy hair.


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  3. Christine Wyndham-Thomas Reply

    I’m from the UK and recently bought a jar of Steen’s Manuka honey. Doesn’t have UMF on the jar but does say it’s raw 20+ NPA. What’s your opinion of this New Zealand company?

    1. Campbell Reply

      Hi Christine, whilst Steen’s are not UMF and use the NPA (Non-Peroxide Acticity) measurement, they are a great brand and have a trusted reputation in New Zealand. So if you enjoy the honey then keep buying it:)

  4. Ali Reply

    Is Manuka honey okay for diabetics ??

    1. Campbell Reply

      Hi Ali, please speak with your doctor first before even considering this as every diabetic is different. Whilst there may be a possibility that type 2 diabetics can consume Manuka Honey, we again absolute recommend caution so please speak with your doctor before doing anything else.

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