Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc Review

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Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2013
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Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc – A wine close to my heart

It was just over 15 years ago, back in 2000, when I tasted my first glass of Cloudy Bay sauvignon blanc, sat in a restaurant in Wellington on Courtney Place called Hummingbird. I was having dinner with my Mum who was taking her then, student son out for a bit more of a culinary experience than I was use to at the time. To this day I vividly remember my first sip of Cloudy Bay as Mum and I reconnected over a lovely dinner after not seeing each other for 2 months. The fond memory of this dinner with my mum and the stunning taste of the wine has stayed with me for all these years and is unlikely to ever go.

But this is about the present state of the Cloudy Bay

There is no doubt that Cloudy Bay have been getting the production of their wines right for many years now (their trophy cabinet can attest to this fact). However this review was about trying out one of their more recent sauvignon blanc, the 2013 release (if anyone knows where we can get our hands on a 1999 vintage then please contact us here).

An image of a cloudy bay sauvignon blanc on a wooden deck
You will not be disappointed.

An honest wine review without the complexities

Whilst we would love to delve into the world of fine wine reviews with tasting notes, we have decided to go for a robust and honest review based on some of the key ingredients required to make a good wine that everyone can appreciate.

The smell

Simply put, you are not going to be disappointed with this wine and it all starts as soon as you pour that first drop. The clean aroma’s of citrus fruit hit your nose like a gentle breeze (seriously, it’s actually one of our favourite parts of drinking this particular white wine) flowing through the vineyard lined Marlborough valleys that produce this product.

The taste

Once your senses have enjoyed the initial fruit aromas, it can then be hit by the crisp, clean and delicate taste of the wine which is stunningly simple. Maybe part of me is taken back to the year 2000 every time I taste this wine which makes me fall in love with it all over again. However there is no denying that this is a wine effortlessly compliments the senses of smell and taste to bring you something quite special.

The food match

There are any number of dishes (especially seafood) that would work with the Cloudy Bay sav but our favourite has to be a combination of fresh New Zealand produce pulled together to enhance your tasting experience. The recipe we have chosen is: Scallops wrapped in pancetta with green olive and red pepper salsa which gives you that salty crunch of the pancetta and velvet smooth taste of the scallops which when washed down with a Cloudy Bay sauvignon combines for a food match made in heaven (well New Zealand actually but close enough).

An image of a cloudy bay sav bottle with browns island in distance
Perfect on a hot summers afternoon.

Don’t waste any more time researching, its a must have

So there you have it. We really can’t say anything else about this fine wine from Marlborough, New Zealand. It has ticked all our boxes and then some so if you do buy it, please let us know your feedback and if you agree with us by either commenting below or letting us know on Facebook. Enjoy!

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