Health Benefits of Manuka Honey

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Pure Origin of Manuka Honey

New Zealand is the origin of all quality and pure manuka honey and has been for many decades. The popularity of this product has continued to grow year on year not only because of it’s smooth taste but because of it’s numerous health benefits that are claimed to be part and parcel of it’s consumption/application.

The best way for consumers to understand the quality of various Manuka honey’s is by simply looking at each products UMF scale (Unique Manuka Factor). Essentially this helps you to see what level of anti-bacterial properties each product contains. For instance UMF 15+ is generally the preferred level of antibacterial properties and is considered far superior than other honey products on the market.

How is it produced

The reason why this particular monofloral honey is so special is the way it is produced by the bee’s. They feed or pollinate off the native flowers of the Manuka plant (generally only found in the North Island of New Zealand) which in turn has it’s qualities passed through in to the honey. To ensure the highest quality honey, many companies in NZ produce it where there are no other floral options for pollination except Manuka trees.

What are the Health Benefits

Whilst there are many reported benefits from the consumption or application of this viscous nectar from the gods. The most widely recognised ones are:

  • Treating infections – The success of this natural ingredient in treating ailments like cuts, skin infections, burns as been so good companies like Derma Sciences are infusing it into medical dressings.
  • Improving your immune system – It’s one of those things your mum always told you to do if you started feeling a little sick. But in actual fact there is a lot of truth in treating the beginnings of the common cold with a spoonful of manuka honey due to it’s high levels of antibacteria which can help boost your immune system.
  • Digestive Health – If you are looking to stay supercharge your breakfast then try having some honey on your toast with your brain flakes. This should reduced any bloating or IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) that you might be suffering.
  • Reducing high cholesterol – That’s right, if you have had too much fat in your diet and you are looking to get back on the straight and narrow. Then try introducing manuka honey into your diet matched with a moderate level of exercise to bring your cholestral level down.

Recommended Brands

You can take a look at our top 10 brands here but our favourite three brands for any health conscious consumer are:

Arataki Honey

One of the most recognizable and trusted brands from the sunny district of Hawkes Bay:


Another large player in the manuka honey business and has some of the finest quality you will find:

Watson & Son

Whilst it didn’t make our top ten, it’s still one of our favourite premium quality honey produced by a father and son trio whose passion seems to be infused in every batch they produce:

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  6. Steff Reply

    Hi Campbell,

    So glad to read your blog esp about manuka honey. I have been taking Comvita manuka honey everyday since 2011 when I was in studying in Aussie. I have always referred to the UMF licensees page for reference on the authentic brands to get and now that I’m back in SG, I have been trouble finding suppliers that sells Comvita 10+ in our local market. It’s really upsetting.

    Do you have any reviews of Woodland’s organic manuka honey? I realised there are tons retailing here. Thanks so much! 🙂

    1. Campbell Reply

      No worries Steff. In terms of the Woodlands brand of Manuka Honey we are not familiar with this brand and it is not well known in New Zealand. It’s an export only brand for international distribution so I would suggest sticking with Comvita which has a trusted range of products and quality control procedures.

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  10. Jennifer taylor Reply

    How to order wound care comvita honey?

    1. Emma Reply

      Hi Jennifer, it depends on where you live. There are a number of online stores;
      New Zealand –
      Hong Kong –
      USA –
      Comvita also have stores in certain countries around the world.
      Good luck!

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