Top 5 Royal Jelly Dietary Supplements

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If it’s good enough for the queen, it’s good enough for us

First there was honey. Then there was propolis. Then there was bee venom. Now there’s royal jelly, another natural bee product straight from the archeage or beehive that can have incredible health benefits and skin benefits for humans as well as bees.

Yes, the queen bee was onto something when she insisted that the best food should be reserved for her and her offspring. Put simply, royal jelly is a milky white substance that is produced by the humble worker bee but ingested exclusively by the queen and her new-born offspring. When you consider that, on average, the queen bee will live 50 times longer than a worker bee, what she ingests must have a big part to play.

For centuries humans have keenly observed the health and vitality of the queen bee and adopted her practises, right down to actually eating what she eats. As a result it is considered a bit of a ‘superfood,’ supporting many health benefits like lower cholesterol and blood pressure, a stronger immunity, increased appetite and energy, and increased sex drive, not to mention skin benefits like fresh clearer smoother skin.

But which dietary supplements are the best? Here are our picks.

Royal Jelly and Colostrum Chewable Tablets, Happy Valley

Not only is Happy Valley a New Zealand leader in royal jelly production, their product has the highest levels of 10HDA in the world. Their Royal Jelly and Colostrum Chewable Tablets combine Auckland-produced royal jelly with colostrum and a yummy vanilla flavour to produce easy-to-ingest chewable tablets designed to clear the skin and increase energy.

Each tablet contains: 132mg of absorbed NZ Royal Jelly, 50mg od NZ Colostrum, Lactose supertab USP, Dextrose Agglomerated, MCC (mcrocystal cellulose), Magnesium Sterate – vege, Silicon dioxoide, Vanilla Flavour (NI). Take 2 tablets daily.

Chewable Royal Jelly Tablets
Happy Valley Royal Jelly Tablets


Fresh Royal Jelly, Happy Valley

If you want to take the royal jelly ingestion to the next level, Happy Valley’s Fresh Royal Jelly made from 100% New Zealand royal jelly treats you like the queen bee itself. Because it’s rich in natural hormones and vitamins A, B, C and E, not to mention essential fatty acids, sugars, amino acids and proteins, the fresh version is said to support a wide range of ailments including arthritis, bladder and liver infections, diabetes, cataracts, high blood pressure and cholesterol and weight management. It’s also thought to be an aphrodisiac.

Taking fresh royal jelly is as simple as dissolving one eighth of a teaspoon under your tongue before swallowing. Store fresh royal jelly in the freezer and thaw it in the fridge. It is not suitable for children under the age of five years.

Royal Jelly
Happy Valley Fresh Royal Jelly


Fresh New Zealand Royal Elixir, Manuka Health

Manuka Health’s Fresh New Zealand Royal Elixir combines the healing and health-supporting properties of both fresh royal jelly and Manuka honey to create a delicious supplement that’s easy on the stomach. Made from fresh New Zealand royal jelly, this elixir is mixed with blackcurrant, apple and grape seed extracts to make it easy on your tongue as well as your body. Take 25 drops twice daily to support healthy blood pressure and cholesterol, clear smooth skin, the digestive system, mental alertness and immune system.

25ml -Fresh New Zealand Royal Jelly Elixir
Manuka Health Royal Jelly Elixir


Royal Jelly and Evening Primrose Oil, Comvita

Comvita’s Royal Jelly and Evening Primrose Oil capsules is a special blend designed to support female hormonal balance, particularly during their premenstrual and menopausal life stages. While the royal jelly can help with health benefits like increased energy, strength and stamina, evening primrose oil may add skin benefits too. Comvita does a great job at offering transparent information and certification about where each ingredient comes from too. Each jar comes with 300 capsules.

Royal Jelly
Comvita Royal Jelly Supplements


Royal Jelly Capsules, Avoca

Avoca captures the power of the queen bee into an easy-to-take royal jelly softgel capsule. Containing 10H2DA (10-Hydroxy-2-Decenoic Acid) and produced in a GMP-certified facility in New Zealand, these royal jelly capsules may help reduce the effects of osteoporosis, inflammation and cholesterol levels, while also providing anti-oxidant and increased collagen generation for clearer skin. Each bottle comes with 365 softgel capsules (1000mg each).

Royal Jelly
Avoca Royal Jelly Supplements


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